The Fantasy Cheaters League is a purely for fun endeavour. It’s been created by the advertising agency Host and doggedly pursued by a bunch of dreamers there who love the beautiful game and look forward to the Tournament like a kid looks forward to getting a new replica kit at Christmas.

Like all football fans we harboured dreams of representing our country at football, but only succeeded in reaching the dizzy heights of playing for our school or Sunday League team.

But we love the beautiful game. In all its guises; the skill, goals, athleticism, rivalry, trivia…and the dirty, conniving cheating!

Because if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s the diving, injury feigning, yard stealing, time wasting gamesmanship as much as anything else that makes every tournament exciting, controversial and memorable.

So we’ve decided to celebrate this side of the game by creating The Fantasy Cheaters League. Because even though we only managed to play on football’s lowest rung, we’ve tasted victory. We know the primitive competitive instinct it gives rise to. We’ve felt the injustices and dare we admit it, indulged in some of it ourselves!

Jogo Cheato Bonito!


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Gary McCreadie .
Supports:   Everton
Most memorable cheat:   Rijkaard’s gob.
Player to watch:   Lucas Podolski or Bastian Schweinsteiger. Got a feeling it’s gunna be a big year for the Gerries.

Will Miles.
Supports:   Dirty Leeds
Most memorable cheat:   Maradona 86, of course. Made my blood boil. Against Belgium he tugged Enzo Schifo’s shirt. Sickening. I’ve never got over it.
Player to watch:   It’s not an exact science but if a player’s name ends with a vowel then they’ll cheat.

Frank Bethel.
Supports:   Morton
Most memorable cheat:   The Cameroonian teams assault on Claudio Caniggia at Italia 90. They must have had the foresight to know he’d end up playing for Rangers.
Player to watch:   Wayne Rooney. England’s hopes rest on Rooney retaining his composure, and he’s notorious for losing the heid when things aren’t going his way.

Wez Hawes.
Supports:   Southend United
Most memorable cheat:   Simeone’s reaction to Beckham’s weak ass leg flick.
Player to watch:   Arjen Robben. In the Champions League final he would have scored big for diving and injury feigning.

Candice Juniper.
Supports:   Chelsea FC
Most memorable cheat:   Materazzi’s name calling (far worse than the headbutt in my opinion).
Player to watch:   Drogba. He’s had a glorious (largely cheat free) season. I reckon he’s itching to let his true cheaty self free.

Dennelle Exton .
Supports:   Chelsea FC
Most memorable cheat:   German goalkeeper Toni Schumacher pole-axing a Frenchman in 1982. Uuuuugly.
Player to watch:   Jamie Carragher and Drogba. First two off the bench for my cheater’s line-up.