Is Your Skin Care Effective In Removing Blackheads?

Finding the best treatment for blackheads may be daunting for both teens and adults. A person may continue to have blackheads until his or her middle age. Some of you may think that poor hygiene is the reason but having blackheads is not due to exposure to dirt and other skin irritants, or improper washing of the skin. Blackheads are a type of acne caused by the excess oil stored in the sebaceous glands.

There are more sebaceous glands on the face and scalp than on other parts of the body. Blackheads are caused by clogged mixture of oil and dead skin cells on the outlets of the sebaceous glands. They become black after exposure to the air due to oxidation.

Wrong Treatment Makes Blackheads Worse

Some people just buy over-the-counter acne creams to get rid of blackheads. However, these creams might aggravate the condition of the clogged pores to form more severe acne and larger pimples. Most acne creams seem to make blackheads disappear, but they come back even worse than before. It means that your treatment and skin care are not working to remove stubborn blackheads.

Top 3 Suggestions for Treating Blackheads Effectively

There is no guaranteed single full-blown treatment for blackheads. You need to try or experiment one treatment and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then try another until you land on the regimen that will get rid of your blackheads. More likely, you will need to practice and use a combination of all the things we are suggesting here to come up with good results.

Healthy Diet: Stay away from greasy, oily, and sugary foods. Replace junk foods with fruits and vegetables. Include lean meat, chicken, fish and sea foods alternately in your diet. Take foods rich in zinc to help control blackheads and other skin problems. Eating foods with beta carotene is also essential to make the skin healthy.

Facial Cleansing: Wash off excess oil and dead skin cells with mild soap or facial scrub and warm water. Avoid touching your face with unclean hands to prevent transfer of bacteria. These are the elements clogging the pores. This is not an expensive and difficult regimen, but it works well if you can do it consistently.

Plenty of Water: The water that you drink has an important role in eliminating wastes from the body. Drinking plain water enhances the excretion of toxins which are flushed out of the body with the water through urination. You can get rid of many skin issues including blackheads, pimples and other skin diseases if you drink a lot of water.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

You can be better off without blackheads then regain confidence and have blemish-free skin if you can do the above suggestions. A certain treatment for blackheads may not work for everyone, but there will always be a treatment and regimen that will work especially for you.

How Much is an Abortion

In Clinic Abortion Details

There are many things which a woman has to consider before going for an abortion. If you have reached this stage where an abortion is necessary, then first of all it is important that you take a doctor’s consultation. There is no other person who will guide you better. They are also going to provide you with complete information about abortion pills and in clinic abortion procedures. No matter you are in need of having abortion or just want to learn about the things related to it you might have thousands of questions related to it. Here are the few most common questions that a woman has when it comes to abortion.

What is the cost of abortion?

These days you will find many clinics which are certified and open for abortions legally. You should look for the clinics which are nearby. The cost of abortion is not standard and different clinics offer different cost. $1500 is the cost for first timers which are common in majority of the clinics, but you can also expect low or high cost in some of popular and non popular clinics. The cost for the 2nd timer is going to low. Hospitals cost more than clinics. Cost will also depend upon the time of your pregnancy such as how long you have been pregnant and where and which clinic you choose.

How safe abortions are

The safety is going to depend upon the doctors and heath care staffs in the clinic you have choose to go for an abortion. A professional and registered clinic will always provide safe abortion services because they have certified doctors. The majority of the times these procedures are safe. The risk arises when you are very longer pregnant because of the fetus is almost developed in the far stages. This increases sedation and here are some possible risks

  • Incomplete abortion
  • Allergic reactions
  • Infection
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Injury to vital organs or cervix

What happens during the procedure?

Doctors are going to examine uterus and will provide medication for pain, sedation is involved, but you area wake. A speculum is inserted and number of medications is injected. Dilators area used to open cervix. Hand held suction is used to empty uterus. There are different procedures and aspiration procedure will just take 5-10 minutes. You are given with antibiotics to prevent infection

It is likely to be nervous about the procedure, but there is nothing to worry. These procedures are effective most of the time and if you are having any doubts you must consult your doctor and ask him or her everything you need to know. Also make sure to discuss your medical history if any because this will help in making abortion successful. Your doctor will be able to clear all your doubts related to safety, cost, sedation, time and other details. U

  • Read all the papers and sign them
  • Go for laboratory tests
  • Talk about medical history
  • Have physical examination
  • Discuss all your options


Telemarketing for Fundraising Purposes

Telemarketing for Fundraising Purposes

Fundraising is an integral part of many organizations and charities. Without proper funding from the public, these organizations would not be able to support their causes. This is why it is crucial to seek out wealthy donors, who are more than willing to lend their support to your charity. Of course, this is not always so simple. With the use of telemarketing software for fundraising, the process can actually be much more simple. In fact, there are numerous ways to use this software for fundraising purposes. Within this article, you will discover the different ways that this software can help your fundraising efforts.

Outbound Dialing Made Easy

In some situations, a charity can receive a lot of donations, if they take the time to seek out and make contact with potential donors. In order to do this, it is crucial to put together a phone number list, place calls and accept donations. Although this is generally very difficult and frustrating to manage, Call Center Now can alleviate some of the hassle. Instead of hiring a bunch of agents and setting up a command center, with all kinds of different equipment, this software can do all of this in a less costly manner. You can manage and run outbound dialing campaigns, without picking up the phone.

Delivering Pre-Generated Messages

There are some benefits of being able to translate a message directly to a potential donor. Although you can always pick up the phone and call, this can be time consuming. It is possible to eliminate the entire process, by relying on the Call Center Now software. With this software, it is possible to run a campaign, which will call a large amount of numbers, within a short period of time. The donor will pick up the phone and receive an automated message, which you can customize yourself. This will either encourage them to contact your call center or make a donation.

Setting Up a Call Center

As a massive charity, it is helpful to be able to accept donations over the phone. When you run a telemarketing campaign, it is likely that your campaign headquarters will be overwhelmed with calls from potential donors. If you’re unable to process these calls quick enough, your fundraising efforts may be hindered. Therefore, it is very wise to establish an effective call center, with this software. In fact, you may be able to automatically accept donations through the phone, without the help of a live agent. By using the software’s IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, system, you can greet the donor and take their information, before accepting their donation.

More Efficient Agents

Sometimes, an agent will have a difficult time sorting through your database and locating a donor’s information. If this happens, the potential donor could hang up and leave your fundraising collection empty. With the software’s comprehensive and quick dialed number identification system, it is possible for the computer software to automatically retrieve and deliver this information to the agent. This will help the agent work in a more efficient manner, while allowing the donor to donate to your fundraising campaign, without a hassle.

SEO Optimization

When you are trying to make the most out of your business you’ll want to spend some time and energy focusing on optimizing your site so that it registers as high as possible on search engines, also known as SEO.  While this use to be as easy as writing keywords that the search engine would pick up, the advancements in technology have made the process of optimizing your site a bit more difficult and a lot more intricate.  If you aren’t planning on hiring a SEO expert, you will need to know the basics so you can compete with the rest of the sites offering what you have.


One of the first things you need to focus on when looking at your website and attempting to get the most out of what you have is the content you are trying to provide.  Does your content clearly express what you’re trying to sell or provide?  Can the customer easily find what they were searching for in the first place?  If the customer wastes times clicking on your link because it was at the top of their search engine results, you have to make sure that you give them what they want quickly or you’ve lost a customer.  Making sure that you have things linked properly so that the customer can find what they need and related topics will ensure that your customers stay on your site longer, therefore increasing the chances that they will purchase your products or services. If you have a blog, the more clicks you get, the more advertising dollars you can collect.  Optimizing your page is essential no matter what you do online.


Does your site have the right and authority to make the claims that you’re trying to make?  Do you provide fact checked and quality information that would be relevant if another person or site were wanting to link to you?  If you are constantly making mistakes or claims that you can’t back up, you will lose the trust and business of your customers and potential clients.  Making sure that you have the highest quality content is incredibly important.  The more links you have and the better quality content that you share on your site, the higher your site will appear on the search engines results.

Site Design and Accessibility

Can the customer easily navigate your site?  Is your website pleasant to view and quick to load?  These are things that customers and potential clients find important and it will effect your SEO.  If the user decides to visit your site they don’t want to be waiting for it to load or straining their eyes to read the content.  Most potential customers will click the back button and try another site that is easier for them to understand.  Making sure that the layout of your site is a simple yet incredibly important step in making sure that your site is the best that it can be and that it attracts, and keeps, as many customers as possible.

Social Presence

Does your business have social media accounts?  If not, you need to change that immediately.  Most search engines take into account the interaction that sites, and links to sites, have had with the customer’s social media friends and followers.  If you don’t have, or have a lacking social media account, it will hurt the ability of your site to be listed at the top of a search engines results for your niche.  A business that offers the same services as you, but that makes sure they interact on social media, will be taking your business.

User Reviews

Users can go on a number of sites, including yours, and write a review and leave suggestions.  While most of these will be good job’s and compliments, if your site is lacking, the public will let you know.  Take the feedback and improve the way that you interact with the community online.  Make sure they know that their concerns have been heard and that you are taking steps to fix whatever problems they may have.  When customers feel like they have a voice, they will be more apt to visit your site again.

These are just a few of the steps that you can take on your own to make sure that your website is working for you.

“But I got the ball, Ref!” Introducing the FCL’s Most Cynical Foulers.

The latest execution of our data visualisation posters is The Fantasy Cheaters League’s Most Cynical Foulers. Crunch!

Quite a few players hit the 20-point mark, but sliding in late to claim the title with 30-points was Chile’s defender Arturo Vidal. Ouch!

Design props go to art director and part time children’s entertainer, Gary McCheaty. You can check out more of his work at Boom!

Gets rid of stubborn stains. Introducing The 2010 FCL’s Filthiest Nations.

This week’s poster represents our league of the filthiest teams at the 2010 World Cup, based on the average total cheaty scores of each team in relation to games played.

It seems the cheating did pay off for World Cup winners Spain, who also sit proudly at the top of our table. Is there anything the Spanish didn’t win this summer?

The reoccurring theme throughout the table seems to be that the filthiest teams were the ones that progressed further. With the exception of England who just cheated a lot and got nowhere.

Are you watching Cameroon, Korea DPR and Nigeria?

Creatives were FCL regulars Gary McCreadie, Will Miles and Wesley Hawes. Design was by Brazilian legend Juca Lopes (

Splish Splash! It’s the 2010 FCL’s Biggest Divers

The 2010 World Cup is over. The flags are down, the shirts have been burned (if you’re French or English) and we’re all communicating with our partners once again. Lovely. But what do we do with all the cheaty data that was captured during the tournament? Surely we don’t just let it rot with our hopes and dreams?

One word: Data Visualisation.

Each week we’ll be posting a visualisation of a particular stat. This week it’s the Biggest Divers, and was crafted by basketball superstar/interactive designer, Timothy Grout ( Just click the image to view in more detail.

The presentation of the FCL trophy to Senor Luis Suarez.

Luis Suarez was the top cheat at the 2010 World Cup and scored 131 points. Obviously we all know this, but does he?

To ensure he understood the importance of winning such a coveted award, we decided to commission a trophy and send it to him at his club’s address in Amsterdam. As you can see, no expense was spared and the meticulous Australian craftsmanship is typical of this period.

The package also included a pair of goalie gloves and two letters of congratulations (one in English, one in Spanish).

We feverishly await his reply.

(We’ve also sent a similar trophy to Brian Setzer in Russia for winning the FCL competition. Just having some technical problems with Russian customs at the moment. There will be a new blog update once or if it reaches him.)



Shameful activity catches on with the Young’uns

Our ever-widening international cheating probe has uncovered dramatic news coming out of the British Primary School system.  We, along with hero Pat Fay, will remain vigilant. Read the disturbing news below.

Link to full article –

The weird and wonderful FCL Fan Awards

The Fantasy Cheaters League would have been a much sadder site had it not been for the great sports that have played it, and helped to spread the word.

We’ve enjoyed every one of your comments, tweets and emails – both the positive and the not so positive! So from all of us here at the FCL and the awesome guys at SKINS, whose support helped us to name and shame cheats in an effort to preserve the true spirit of the game, we bring you the FCL Fan Awards….

Best Blog Comments.

Da Silva – for his impassioned and intelligently argued posts throughout the comp:

“Thanks for the table. It’s good to see the Australian, New Zealand and the rest of the Asian Confederation low on the cheating list…

…An advice, since the teams in the knockout stages are going to have more games then team that was eliminated. You should have a points per match statistic (Total Team Point/Match Played) so you can include the knock out “performances’ and adequately compare teams.

Also for future Fantasy Cheaters League. I would like to see dissent to the referee as part of the points and not just card waving. Now admittingly this would lead to the entire team getting points due to shear common act but it is against the rules and I think it’s a blight on the game.

Australia has a big problem in the retention of referees and we have a shortage of referees as most of them quit the game at the grass roots levels due to abuse they receive (hence most of our referees suck). This is because players at the grass roots see professional football players do that all the time and learn from them.

Australia despite scoring low in the cheaters league were shocking in dissent and seeing the likes of Lucas Neill complaining to the linesman for offside (even though the decision was correct) was nauseating.”

Anthony – for his foul-mouthed rant:

“what the fuck is your problems with italians to go and do this you bored cunt get a fucking life and stop being jelous stop being tough behind a computer calling us cheats and putting effort into it you low life prick”

Siobhan – for righteous academic indignation:

“Shame you didn’t mention Rory Fallon’s elbowing 3 Italian players in the face. Or did they dive without contact here? Pfft.

Regardless of whether or not De Rossi dove in the penalty box, the penalty shot was awarded for shirt pulling, which is cheating. Or is it not cheating since it was done to an Italian?

Is the whole point of this site to thinly veil your racism towards Italians? Or, more generally, your discrimination against all people whose last names end in vowels, as it states in Will Miles’ “Player to Watch” blurb here:

And, before you start with the “you must be Italian” rubbish, as I’ve already stated elsewhere in comments, I’m not Italian, but Irish.”

Favourite Tweets.

Nicollers1975 <> ?
@CheatersLeague  ?Suarez is such a diving shit bag 4:55 AM Ju <>

FeisalLobo <> ?
@CheatersLeague ?watch Pepe odds are he doesn’t finish this game, maybe even gets in a fight if we’re lucky.

MichaelJRox <> ?
@CheatersLeague Two handballs. And ref having a laugh about it. What next?

Best Facebook Comment.

Kevin McGuinness – for making us gush:

“Your blogs make my day, spent most of the world cup in work, well afternoon games anyway watching on my computer in mute, dodging the manager. Quite proud i didn’t get caught watching games at all.

Even if the cheating points get racked up from say, the match of the day highlights?
Gutted this is ending :-(

And special mention to the Best Email (aside from all the lovely ones you’ve sent us!).

Wes’s Mum – for replying to our last (no-response) mail urging you lot to change up your teams for the final:

“Spain are going to win because paul the octopus predicted it.”

Thanks Dawn!

We’ll be contacting all you scumbags by email to get your contact details, as you’ve all won yourselves some SKINS™ A400 Compression Pants. Sexy Times!

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