How Much is an Abortion

In Clinic Abortion Details

There are many things which a woman has to consider before going for an abortion. If you have reached this stage where an abortion is necessary, then first of all it is important that you take a doctor’s consultation. There is no other person who will guide you better. They are also going to provide you with complete information about abortion pills and in clinic abortion procedures. No matter you are in need of having abortion or just want to learn about the things related to it you might have thousands of questions related to it. Here are the few most common questions that a woman has when it comes to abortion.

What is the cost of abortion?

These days you will find many clinics which are certified and open for abortions legally. You should look for the clinics which are nearby. The cost of abortion is not standard and different clinics offer different cost. $1500 is the cost for first timers which are common in majority of the clinics, but you can also expect low or high cost in some of popular and non popular clinics. The cost for the 2nd timer is going to low. Hospitals cost more than clinics. Cost will also depend upon the time of your pregnancy such as how long you have been pregnant and where and which clinic you choose.

How safe abortions are

The safety is going to depend upon the doctors and heath care staffs in the clinic you have choose to go for an abortion. A professional and registered clinic will always provide safe abortion services because they have certified doctors. The majority of the times these procedures are safe. The risk arises when you are very longer pregnant because of the fetus is almost developed in the far stages. This increases sedation and here are some possible risks

  • Incomplete abortion
  • Allergic reactions
  • Infection
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Injury to vital organs or cervix

What happens during the procedure?

Doctors are going to examine uterus and will provide medication for pain, sedation is involved, but you area wake. A speculum is inserted and number of medications is injected. Dilators area used to open cervix. Hand held suction is used to empty uterus. There are different procedures and aspiration procedure will just take 5-10 minutes. You are given with antibiotics to prevent infection

It is likely to be nervous about the procedure, but there is nothing to worry. These procedures are effective most of the time and if you are having any doubts you must consult your doctor and ask him or her everything you need to know. Also make sure to discuss your medical history if any because this will help in making abortion successful. Your doctor will be able to clear all your doubts related to safety, cost, sedation, time and other details. U

  • Read all the papers and sign them
  • Go for laboratory tests
  • Talk about medical history
  • Have physical examination
  • Discuss all your options



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