SEO Optimization

When you are trying to make the most out of your business you’ll want to spend some time and energy focusing on optimizing your site so that it registers as high as possible on search engines, also known as SEO.  While this use to be as easy as writing keywords that the search engine would pick up, the advancements in technology have made the process of optimizing your site a bit more difficult and a lot more intricate.  If you aren’t planning on hiring a SEO expert, you will need to know the basics so you can compete with the rest of the sites offering what you have.


One of the first things you need to focus on when looking at your website and attempting to get the most out of what you have is the content you are trying to provide.  Does your content clearly express what you’re trying to sell or provide?  Can the customer easily find what they were searching for in the first place?  If the customer wastes times clicking on your link because it was at the top of their search engine results, you have to make sure that you give them what they want quickly or you’ve lost a customer.  Making sure that you have things linked properly so that the customer can find what they need and related topics will ensure that your customers stay on your site longer, therefore increasing the chances that they will purchase your products or services. If you have a blog, the more clicks you get, the more advertising dollars you can collect.  Optimizing your page is essential no matter what you do online.


Does your site have the right and authority to make the claims that you’re trying to make?  Do you provide fact checked and quality information that would be relevant if another person or site were wanting to link to you?  If you are constantly making mistakes or claims that you can’t back up, you will lose the trust and business of your customers and potential clients.  Making sure that you have the highest quality content is incredibly important.  The more links you have and the better quality content that you share on your site, the higher your site will appear on the search engines results.

Site Design and Accessibility

Can the customer easily navigate your site?  Is your website pleasant to view and quick to load?  These are things that customers and potential clients find important and it will effect your SEO.  If the user decides to visit your site they don’t want to be waiting for it to load or straining their eyes to read the content.  Most potential customers will click the back button and try another site that is easier for them to understand.  Making sure that the layout of your site is a simple yet incredibly important step in making sure that your site is the best that it can be and that it attracts, and keeps, as many customers as possible.

Social Presence

Does your business have social media accounts?  If not, you need to change that immediately.  Most search engines take into account the interaction that sites, and links to sites, have had with the customer’s social media friends and followers.  If you don’t have, or have a lacking social media account, it will hurt the ability of your site to be listed at the top of a search engines results for your niche.  A business that offers the same services as you, but that makes sure they interact on social media, will be taking your business.

User Reviews

Users can go on a number of sites, including yours, and write a review and leave suggestions.  While most of these will be good job’s and compliments, if your site is lacking, the public will let you know.  Take the feedback and improve the way that you interact with the community online.  Make sure they know that their concerns have been heard and that you are taking steps to fix whatever problems they may have.  When customers feel like they have a voice, they will be more apt to visit your site again.

These are just a few of the steps that you can take on your own to make sure that your website is working for you.


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