Telemarketing for Fundraising Purposes

Telemarketing for Fundraising Purposes

Fundraising is an integral part of many organizations and charities. Without proper funding from the public, these organizations would not be able to support their causes. This is why it is crucial to seek out wealthy donors, who are more than willing to lend their support to your charity. Of course, this is not always so simple. With the use of telemarketing software for fundraising, the process can actually be much more simple. In fact, there are numerous ways to use this software for fundraising purposes. Within this article, you will discover the different ways that this software can help your fundraising efforts.

Outbound Dialing Made Easy

In some situations, a charity can receive a lot of donations, if they take the time to seek out and make contact with potential donors. In order to do this, it is crucial to put together a phone number list, place calls and accept donations. Although this is generally very difficult and frustrating to manage, Call Center Now can alleviate some of the hassle. Instead of hiring a bunch of agents and setting up a command center, with all kinds of different equipment, this software can do all of this in a less costly manner. You can manage and run outbound dialing campaigns, without picking up the phone.

Delivering Pre-Generated Messages

There are some benefits of being able to translate a message directly to a potential donor. Although you can always pick up the phone and call, this can be time consuming. It is possible to eliminate the entire process, by relying on the Call Center Now software. With this software, it is possible to run a campaign, which will call a large amount of numbers, within a short period of time. The donor will pick up the phone and receive an automated message, which you can customize yourself. This will either encourage them to contact your call center or make a donation.

Setting Up a Call Center

As a massive charity, it is helpful to be able to accept donations over the phone. When you run a telemarketing campaign, it is likely that your campaign headquarters will be overwhelmed with calls from potential donors. If you’re unable to process these calls quick enough, your fundraising efforts may be hindered. Therefore, it is very wise to establish an effective call center, with this software. In fact, you may be able to automatically accept donations through the phone, without the help of a live agent. By using the software’s IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, system, you can greet the donor and take their information, before accepting their donation.

More Efficient Agents

Sometimes, an agent will have a difficult time sorting through your database and locating a donor’s information. If this happens, the potential donor could hang up and leave your fundraising collection empty. With the software’s comprehensive and quick dialed number identification system, it is possible for the computer software to automatically retrieve and deliver this information to the agent. This will help the agent work in a more efficient manner, while allowing the donor to donate to your fundraising campaign, without a hassle.


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