The weird and wonderful FCL Fan Awards

The Fantasy Cheaters League would have been a much sadder site had it not been for the great sports that have played it, and helped to spread the word.

We’ve enjoyed every one of your comments, tweets and emails – both the positive and the not so positive! So from all of us here at the FCL and the awesome guys at SKINS, whose support helped us to name and shame cheats in an effort to preserve the true spirit of the game, we bring you the FCL Fan Awards….

Best Blog Comments.

Da Silva – for his impassioned and intelligently argued posts throughout the comp:

“Thanks for the table. It’s good to see the Australian, New Zealand and the rest of the Asian Confederation low on the cheating list…

…An advice, since the teams in the knockout stages are going to have more games then team that was eliminated. You should have a points per match statistic (Total Team Point/Match Played) so you can include the knock out “performances’ and adequately compare teams.

Also for future Fantasy Cheaters League. I would like to see dissent to the referee as part of the points and not just card waving. Now admittingly this would lead to the entire team getting points due to shear common act but it is against the rules and I think it’s a blight on the game.

Australia has a big problem in the retention of referees and we have a shortage of referees as most of them quit the game at the grass roots levels due to abuse they receive (hence most of our referees suck). This is because players at the grass roots see professional football players do that all the time and learn from them.

Australia despite scoring low in the cheaters league were shocking in dissent and seeing the likes of Lucas Neill complaining to the linesman for offside (even though the decision was correct) was nauseating.”

Anthony – for his foul-mouthed rant:

“what the fuck is your problems with italians to go and do this you bored cunt get a fucking life and stop being jelous stop being tough behind a computer calling us cheats and putting effort into it you low life prick”

Siobhan – for righteous academic indignation:

“Shame you didn’t mention Rory Fallon’s elbowing 3 Italian players in the face. Or did they dive without contact here? Pfft.

Regardless of whether or not De Rossi dove in the penalty box, the penalty shot was awarded for shirt pulling, which is cheating. Or is it not cheating since it was done to an Italian?

Is the whole point of this site to thinly veil your racism towards Italians? Or, more generally, your discrimination against all people whose last names end in vowels, as it states in Will Miles’ “Player to Watch” blurb here:

And, before you start with the “you must be Italian” rubbish, as I’ve already stated elsewhere in comments, I’m not Italian, but Irish.”

Favourite Tweets.

Nicollers1975 <> ?
@CheatersLeague  ?Suarez is such a diving shit bag 4:55 AM Ju <>

FeisalLobo <> ?
@CheatersLeague ?watch Pepe odds are he doesn’t finish this game, maybe even gets in a fight if we’re lucky.

MichaelJRox <> ?
@CheatersLeague Two handballs. And ref having a laugh about it. What next?

Best Facebook Comment.

Kevin McGuinness – for making us gush:

“Your blogs make my day, spent most of the world cup in work, well afternoon games anyway watching on my computer in mute, dodging the manager. Quite proud i didn’t get caught watching games at all.

Even if the cheating points get racked up from say, the match of the day highlights?
Gutted this is ending :-(

And special mention to the Best Email (aside from all the lovely ones you’ve sent us!).

Wes’s Mum – for replying to our last (no-response) mail urging you lot to change up your teams for the final:

“Spain are going to win because paul the octopus predicted it.”

Thanks Dawn!

We’ll be contacting all you scumbags by email to get your contact details, as you’ve all won yourselves some SKINS™ A400 Compression Pants. Sexy Times!

Well done everyone, from all at The Fantasy Cheaters league.


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